Wynand Pieters

Pragmatic Hacker, Hardcore Gamer, Tech Geek, Book Lover, Pokémaniac, Planeswalker, Monster Hunter, Coffee Junkie, Noob Weight-Lifter, Veteran of Awesome

Welcome to Wynand Pieters Consulting

I started my consulting company after being retrenched from my last startup. Going through that and learning from mistakes I’ve seen made, I decided to help other companies focus on getting the right infrastructure, processes, tooling and people in place for success.


I started doing coding examples out of the “Teach Yourself BASIC” book on my dad’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum as soon as I could read. Moved on to C and Delphi just before High School. Started gaming around age 6, starting on Spectrum, Atari, then Intel 286 and up. Moved onto consoles in days of NES, then Sega Mega Drive, missed the PSOne/Saturn era. Made up for it by purchasing every single handheld and console released since the PS2/GameCube era. Later found myself intrigued with the world of emulators, pushed me in the direction I wanted to go study.

Did B.EngSci (Computer Systems), a combination of B.Sc (CompSci) and Electronic Engineering, after which I started my professional software engineering career. Turns out that me and electronics aren’t quite BFFs, I decided to focus on software. Ended up doing a lot of Java, Groovy and Javascript for a long time, but playing with C++, C# and Ruby in my spare time. Lots of enterprise Java; big financial and Customs systems on Webspehere and Weblogic. This was followed by cloud development doing Scala and Go microservices, and later serverless development in Python and Go on AWS.

After being retrenched from my last job when the company was declared insolvent, I decided to go into consulting sooner rather than later, pulling on my 13 years industry experience and 25+ years of just loving technology and learning in order to help companies grow and learn from mistakes I’ve seen made often.

I’m always willing to learn and ready to change and adapt. Having a broad knowledge base and experience in different aspects of making software, coupled with my willingness to learn and dedication in making great software, is what I feel separates me from the pack. Always looking for ways to improve the entire SDLC for providing better quality software faster.


I focus on consulting on architecture, DevOps and process, but I do have years of coding experience and still love to get my hands dirty. I’m happy to have a chat and find out if I can help you in any way.

You can learn more about my experience from my LinkedIn profile, and read my musings and rants about how software development was back in may day over at my Dev.to profile.


I’m an achiever at heart and take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. I cannot just sit around doing nothing, it vexes me greatly.

I am deliberative in my approach to problems, good at taking serious care when making decisions and anticipating obstacles.

I enjoy the process of learning, of improving, and feel I’m talented at gathering all the information and delve deeply into the subject matter.

I understand well how the past influences the present, and I believe one of my strengths is learning from history and applying those lessons to situations.

On the people front, I recognise peoples strengths, their aptitudes, and their interests. I have mentored people before and have helped them grow, and with time can figure out how best to utilise people in a team and make them happiest and most productive.


If you feel you’d like to chat about opportunities, please send me an email.

Other Interests

I do have social media profiles which are currently somewhat inactive, and I will revive them over time.

That said, in my spare time I play video games, and occasionally stream them, I read quite a bit, run a D&D game, play in a different D&D game, enjoy boardgames and wine with friends, travel with my lovely wife (who does amazing art and music), started working on my first mobile game, and occasionally lift somewhat heavy weights (or I used to and I’m working back up to it).